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The Book

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Creative Voices - exploring educational podcasting and digital audio

[working title]

About the book writing project

Members of the PPP SIG have been involved in contributing to a book about how educational podcasting and the use of digital audio can enrich learning. The aims of this project in relation to the SIG are twofold,

  1. To provide a focus for creative discussion amongst SIG members about the variety of applications for digital audio in post-compulsory education;
  2. To share the emerging expertise within the SIG to the wider educational community.


[last updated: ] 25 April 2009]

Data for A Chapter on Student-generated Podcasts was produced at the PPP SIG meeting at Thames Valley University on October 13th.  The transcript of the role-played meeting and the post-it notes from that exercise have been transcribed. they provide interesting reading in themselves.

  • The intention is to find a publisher for the book and to this end a structure for the book has been devised and contributors for each section are being identified. The book will be composed of 3 sections,
    1. Section 1 is made up of 15 academic essays written by invited authors on topics that discuss the alignment of digital audio and educational podcasting to transformative, learner-centred pedagogy.
    2. Section 2 will be composed of 10 short case studies that describe how educational podcasting and innovative digital media applications have been implemented in UK HE/FEI. Various perspectives are represented. I still need to finalise the case studies and I am particularly keen to receive case studies from student contributors.
    3. 100 ideas for educational podcasting submitted and reviewed by members of the PPP SIG. The ideas for this section have been downloaded and added to another 85 ideas generated in other workshops. They will be aggregated, synthesised, reviewed and revised and finally reduced (from about 250) to the 100 required.
    4. Questions, conclusions and future directions.
  • Drafts of most Section 1 chapters are in (or at least in progress!)

The book is being co-ordinated by Andrew Middleton from Sheffield Hallam University (a.j.middleton@shu.ac.uk)

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