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Simon Davis

Page history last edited by Simon Davis 11 years ago

is this in the right place on the wiki?


Just a quick plug for the Learning technologies @ Leeds podcast The series in now up to episode 15 with a mix of audio and video podcasts focussing on the ways that learning technologies are being used by academics mainly at the University of Leeds. There are also a couple of interviews with non Leeds people recorded at this year's ALT-C.


The podcast's primary target audience is academics with an interest in but not necessarily expertise in, learning technologies and how they can be used to enhance teaching. The podcasts link to the open SDDU support program where appropriate.


The podcasts aim to be:


  • 3 - 5 minutes long
  • Targeted and focussed
  • Supported by follow on materials and links
  • Of interest to target audience
  • Easy / quick to produce
  • Informal
  • Authentic


Any thoughts, comments etc. greatfully received. Please subscribe through the links on the site and if you are really motivated leave feedback in iTunes.


Get in touch: s.j.davis@adm.leeds.ac.uk



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