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Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes


Building a Practitioners' Special Interest group

Inaugural meeting - Queen's Hotel, Chester, 27th February 20008



9.30    Arrival and Refreshments



10.00   Welcome and Introduction to the PPP Project


(Prof. Jethro Newton, Dean of Learning and Teaching, Chester)


10.15   Showcasing Podcasting

  • some exemplars and case studies, followed by discussion

11.15  Coffee


11.30   Networking and Discussion:

Break-out group discussion for ‘experts/current practitioners’:

  • How did they get ‘there’?

  • What issues do they face now
  • What do they envisage as future issues
  • What do they see as the role of the SIG?
  • What has worked best
  • What have they done (put on a post-it note)
  • Any other points

 Break-out group discussion for 'novices' 


  • What would they like to do with podcasting
  • What do they think they need to achieve to do this
  • What barriers are there to this achievement?
  • What support would they need
  • What do they see the role of SIG to be?


12.45  Lunch


13.30    Plenary and report-back on group discussions

  • Identification of themes and issues identified


14.30   Development of themes

  • Developing a self-sustaining SIG: operational and organisational issues


  • Design of subsequent events


  • Intended outputs?


 15.30  Tea


16.00  Close











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