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Professional Development opportunity via and about e-learning

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If you feel you would like to explore e-learning generally, and the role of podcasting in relation to it, then you may be interested in taking a short training course which gives you at the same time the vital experience of being an e-learner yourself. It is for teachers, librarians, technical staff, managers and administrators and any others who seek to extend their professional scope.


It is Online Education & Training, which is run online by the Institute of Education of London University. You'll find it a forum for rich structured collaborative learning with UK other educators. The course deals with e-learning in terms of a simple pedagogy framework that incorporates many styles of learning, e.g. resource-based, problem-based, discovery-based in addition to traditional and blended learning approaches.


It covers general issues of teaching online including social networking,with regular practical tasks, and has a choice of optional topics on using the internet to enhance internet teaching. These are expected to include


- online discourse and moderating

- computer-based assessment

- mobile technologies

- real-time teaching by phone, text, video-conferencing, or SecondLife

- blogging and podcasting


The next start is 9th March 2009.


The course carries 30 UK credits towards either a masters or a diploma and can be taken by 10 weeks distance study online.


The fee is £Stg 654, which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or instalments.


Enquiries to

Anita Pincas, Senior Lecturer,

Institute of Education

Email: a.pincas@ioe.ac.uk


If you cannot take this course, please ask about others in the same area that we can offer you.


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