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ALT-C Visitors - Welcome

Hello ALT-C visitors. This is the PPP wiki where members work together. All members have the password for the wiki where they are encouraged to share what they know and contribute to improving what they find. As you can see, amongst other things this is where we:

  • share the guides we make for staff and student development;
  • develop a collection of reviewed literature;
  • plan the SIG's own podcast.

You'll find the next clue in the show notes of the podcast episode called 'Fun and games.' If you listen to the audio podcast itself you'll find a bonus clue. It's only 2 minutes long. Follow this link to go to the podcast or Google 'Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes.' http://pppsig.podomatic.com/

code phrase 3: "experience"

The leaflet explains it all hopefully:


Play the Podcast Game!!

The Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes Special Interest Group is running an Alternate Reality Game during ALT-C. All conference delegates are invited to take part with the chance of winning one of 3 high quality MP3 recorders.

Seven clues will appear during the conference using this PPP logo. Look out for the logo during the conference on posters and on people! Collect the 7 clues you find there.

Submit your completed solution in the PPP box that will be available near the registration desk after the last session on Wednesday.

Along the way you'll learn about the SIG, educational podcasting and perhaps a little about ARGs!

Winners will be drawn at 1pm on Thursday and all participants will be notified by email.

To get started you can find Clue 1 on several of the exhibitor's stalls.



Name:_________________________ Email:______________________


My answer:_____________________________________________________________________________


Come to our Tuesday evening SIG session (17:10 - 18:20 Mall Room 1 and 2).



Join the group: email c.comer@chester.ac.uk

Hear Now: Meet the Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes SIG

YOU can present at the Thunderstorm


Come and talk about how you are using podcasting and digital media at this year's ALT-C.

Just turn up to the Tuesday evening SIG session (17:10 - 18:20 Mall Room 1 and 2).

Or contact a.j.middleton@shu.ac.uk or c.comer@chester.ac.uk to volunteer.

Details will be posted here of what is happening and how you can contribute. There are two main activities:

  1. An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) where we need people to pass on information and clues to conference delegates
  2. "Hear Now: Meet the Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes SIG" - a 1 hour opportunity to present on the work of the SIG early on the Tuesday evening. At the moment the plans include a re-run of the quick fire 'thunderstorm' presentations by anyone attending who has a story to tell about their educational podcasting experience; a rolling demo of 'how to make a podcast' led by Alan Carr; and possibly (depending on the room we're allocated) a presentation of examples of educational podcasting. We would also like to display any posters that you have on educational podcasting.


PPP leaflets are being produced to promote the SIG.


So, can you:

  • help with the giving out of information during the ARG?
  • give a quick fire presentation during the thunderstorm
  • be available to talk to people who wander in to talk about PPP
  • put up a poster on your experience of educational podcasting?

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