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Podcasts for HE students at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 2 months ago

Hi - I've just started a project to develop some podcasts for HE students to use at the V&A museum in London. They're aimed at Design students but students of other disciplines may find them helpful.


A project outline and pilot podcast are here:




The idea is that students can listen to them on the way to the museum, in the galleries or on the way back. They're not about specific objects but about the permanent galleries. Their development is informed by a few research findings in relation to Design students' use of museums, and in relation to podcasts:



  • podcasts are better used for general museum topics than object-by-object guides
  • some Design students fear their personal 'takes' on galleries will be pre-empted by other interpretation and like to develop their own ways of looking (so these podcasts can be listened to before, during or after)
  • multiple perspectives on galleries are popular (the podcasts contain perspectives from different people on the galleries)
  • multiple perspectives are an approach recommended by museum pedagogy and QAA benchmark statements for Art and Design
  • some students don't know about the permanent galleries at the V&A and tend to come for temporary exhibitions



Feedback and discussion welcome!


Rebecca Reynolds

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design


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