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Podcasting Book

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Podcasting for Learning in Universities (2008)
Editors: Gilly Salmon and Palitha Edirisingha, Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester.
Published by: OUP/ SRHE.
More information:
“Podcasting for Learning in Universities” offers models and guidance based on the experience of over a 1000 students from 10 universities and staff who tried out many first attempts at pedagogical podcasts, based on the HEA funded IMPALA project. www.impala.ac.uk
Chapters of the book have been written by 30 practitioners reflecting their experience of developing podcasts to address specific teaching and learning challenges, and weaving together with theory and empirical evidence. Podcasting for learning reports on research-based podcast applications in universities in the UK, Australia and South Africa.
Podcasting for Learning in Universities is one of the first academic texts that examines the topic of podcasting across a broad area of HE. It aims to be an introduction, a guide and a key resource that will help you to explore podcasting as an exciting area of pedagogical development, together with a critique from Dr David Bell and a look at the future from Gilly Salmon.
The book will be of interest to practitioners from a wide-range of backgrounds:
-          lecturers, tutors, university teachers, instructors in any HE or FE institution, study level, subject discipline and country context
-          members of staff development units
-          learning technologists and learning resources centre staff
-          senior managers and heads of department who scan the scope of emerging learning technologies
-          researchers who are investigating emerging technologies for teaching and learning
-          corporate training
ISBN-10: 0335234291 (pb)
ISBN-13: 978-0335234295 (pb)
ISBN-10: 0335234283 (hb)
ISBN-13: 978-0335234288 (hb)


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