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Paul Biggs - University of Manchester

Page history last edited by Paul Biggs 9 years, 11 months ago

Audio Library Tour


Within my former role as a Learning Technologies Support Officer at the University of Salford, I worked with the student inductions team to produce an audio tour for the Law Library (the Lady Hale building). This presentation gives you a basic overview of the project, and provides links to the software I used. I am now working for MBS Worldwide, and I hope to produce a wide range of learning audio materials over the next academic period. You can download and listen to the tracks below. I also found that this podacsting tutorial from QIA, was a great resource.














I now work for The University of Manchester, and for the Worldwide part of the Business School. We make use of a large variety of media. 


We also utilise the Wimba Podcast tool, and you can find more about our work from our E-learning blog


We use Wimba Live Classroom, and I presented to the group at the Sunderland event in April. You can see my presentation.


I have also created a video guide on how to use the archiving tool on Wimba Live Classroom. 

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