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Expert, practitioner or novice?

Adrian Clark, UWIC, Cardiff Practitioner
Alan Carr, Mid-Cheshire College Expert
Alan Hilliard, University of Hertfordshire Expert
Alex Spiers, Liverpool John Moores University Practitioner
Andrew Middleton, Sheffield Hallam University Expert
Andrew Richardson, University of Edinburgh Practitioner
Andy Ramsden, Head of e-Learning at the University of Bath Expert
Carol Comer, University of Chester Novice
Chiandra Jayasekera, St Mary's College, Twickenham Novice
Chris Lush, University of West of England Practitioner
Claire Sussman, University of Chester Novice
Dennis McGrath, Salford University Practitioner
Dr Bjoern Hassler, Cambridge University Expert
Dr Derek France, University of Chester Practitioner
Frank Quick, St Mary's College, Twickenham Novice
Graham McElearney, University of Sheffield Expert
Jakki Sheridan-Ross, Leeds Metropolitan University Expert / Practitioner
James Turner, Liverpool John Moores University Practitioner
John Wood, Aston University TBA
Julian Cheal, Aberystwyth University Practitioner
Maria C Papaefthimiou, University of Reading Novice
Mark Gamble, University of Bedfordshire Practitioner
Mary Jacob, Aberystwyth University Practitioner
Matthew Wheeler, University of Leicester Expert
Mike Green, The School of Oriental and African Studies in London Expert
Paul Biggs, Salford University Novice
Professor Jethro Newton, University of Chester Novice
Richard Francis, Oxford Brookes University TBA
Richard Hall, de Montford University Practitioner
Richard Simm, Liverpool John Moores University Practitioner
Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh TBA
Robert Heath, University of Wolverhampton Practitioner
Robin Johnson, The Manchester Met University Business School Expert
Sian Edwardson, University of Bangor Novice
Simon Davies, University of Leeds Practitioner / Expert
Steve Burholt, Oxford Brookes University TBA
Steve Cooper, University of Wolverhampton Expert
Steve Spencer, University of Wolverhapton Expert
Steve Woodward, University of Glamorgan Practitioner
Steven Gomez, University of West of England Expert 
Will Stewart, University of Bradford Practitioner / Expert