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June Event

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The programme was:


10:00 - 10:15 Steering group update - Jethro Newton


10:15 - 11:15 Network identity and future direction: discussion and activity:

In this session we reviewed the ways in which we have already worked together

and looked forward to how we can continue to thrive.

We looked at the PPP wiki, the podcast and other ways

that we can collaborate in sharing experience, developing pedagogy

and building our network's identity and future.


Hub and Spoke.ppt Powerpoint on the Hub and Spoke model


11:30 - 12:30 Martina Doolan (University of Hertfordshire): Audio Supported Enhanced Learning

The ASEL project (www.aselproject.wordpress.com ) is funded by the JISC

under the Users and Innovation programme phase 2. ASEL is a 15-month

investigation which commenced January 2008 involving the Universities of

Bradford and Hertfordshire. It is examining the use of audio by tutors and

students using various technologies such as Ning, blogs and wikis, to

support, enhance and personalise the learner experience in terms of

self-reflection, assessment and collaborative learning.




1:30 - 2:30 100 ideas for Podcasting, facilitated by Andrew Middleton (this quickly became 200 ideas!)

100 Ideas for Educational Podcasting - the book!


The aim of this session was to generate 100 ideas for educational podcasts. These ideas will be published in a book by the end of the year targeted at the UK FE and HE community. It is expected that you will come with at least 2 great ideas of how podcasting is already being used and, once we have captured these, we will generate further ideas through creativity activities to reach our target of 100 transferable ideas! Later, a number of these scenarios will be developed further as implemented case studies. Together the scenarios and case studies will demonstrate the versatility and benefits of the medium to educators across the curriculum.

Powerpoints from this session: 100-great-ideas-intro.ppt100 Great Ideas activities, 100-ideas-idea-words.pptIdea words



2:30 - 3:30 Parallel workshop sessions


Workshop 1 - Curriculum and research thunderstorm


  • This workshop is an open floor event where people can present on the topic of podcasting in education. You are allowed a maximum of 15 slides, and 10 minutes. After this Andy Ramsden will turn off the computer. It is intended that people might present on any topic they like associated with the theme. Simply bring along your presenation on a USB stick. The computer will have Internet access and speakers. If you would like to present your work or thoughts then please add you names. Alternatively, email Andy Ramsden - a.ramsden@bath.ac.uk. So far we have ....



  • Sam Warren - Co-producing video podcasts with students - University of Surrey (slides)
  • Malcolm Andrew - Podcasting @ De Montfort university (slides)
  • Mary Jacob - reflections on a staff development session on podcasting at Aberystwyth University (slides)
  • Andy Ramsden - how we produce our staff development podcasts - University of Bath (presentation-chester.ppt)



Pictures from this workshop are available from <http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=pppjune08&m=tags> If anyone else recorded information, blogged etc., then please use the tag pppjune08

Workshop 2 - Practical Podcasting (it's easier than you think!)
  • Alan Carr (acarr@midchesh.ac.uk) is an ILT trainer and educational podcasting practitioner at Mid-Cheshire College. He also hosts his own music podcast. Producing a podcast doesn't have to be difficult. Alan will do just that in front of your own eyes - maybe you will leave with a firm intention to have a go yourself. To encourage this, Alan will give you a FREE podcasting resource CD - full of tutorials, examples, software etc. It's easier than you think!


Workshop 3 - The student experience.


  • Students from 3 universities will share their experiences of using podcasts in their studies. This is a forum to discuss the place of podcasts to enhance teaching and learning and will have the advantage of having the student perspective throughout the session.



3:30 - 4:00 Panel Session


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