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Ideas Group 9 (Q-R)

Page history last edited by amiddlet50 12 years ago
Please develop any of the ideas here either by changing them or adding to them. If the ideas leave you asking questions... ask them! Leave your name and contact information at the bottom of the page so you can be added as a contributor please.
081 Title: Enterprising Visions
Intended to develop entrepreneurialism, students interview successful entrepreneurs on their own premises. Consider the emotional impacts on thinking. The interviews are used as a future resource for other students. Between them, students create a handbook of scenarios.
Some questions: I'm not sure what is meant by. 'Consider the emotional impacts on thinking' in this context.
082 Title: Pitcher It
This podcast takes the form of a TV or radio commercial (about 2 minutes long) for a business pitch of an entrepreneurial idea like Dragon's Den. Produced by students and posted onto a blog in order to garner peer feedback.
Some questions: c
083 Title: Groupcast
Recordings of group work meetings and planning by students. The recordings contribute to assessment and can be used when looking at quantity and quality of contributions made by each student to group work. This method captures contributions that are subsequently not used in the submitted work.
Some questions: How long are the recordings? If the recordings are more than summaries this will create an unmanageable burden for the tutor. The idea of asking a group to each summarise their contribution in this way might be a very useful technique for ensuring that students are making equitable contributions, something that can cause peer resentment in the assessment of group work.
084 Title: Be Heard
This is a podcast of Student Rep or Council meetings made by current students. Another option would be to hold the meetings through the podcast tool (i.e.???) and get follow up comments via the podcast blog or wiki.
Some questions: What tools would support this? Perhaps Wimba, Elluminate, Skype and other VoIP tools - anything else?
085 Title: Paper free Paper free
The ITQ candidate for the assessor and uploading to Paper Free as evidence. Witness evidence in the form of an interview between candidate and witness.
Some questions: I'm not sure what ITQ or Paper Free are?
Title: Now Hear This
Tutor's voice giving feedback.
Some questions: There are many audio feedback approaches. Was there a particular approach you were thinking about? Would you image the feedback would be personal or available to all to hear via a podcast feed perhaps.
087 Title: Podcasting Practical Techniques
Lecturer demonstrates practical techniques prior to lab classes to prepare the students beforehand.
Some questions:
088 Title: Podcampus
Podcast guides to university campuses for students.
Some questions: What sort of content would be useful for a campus guide? How do you imagine the guides work be used and by whom? Are you thinking of something that is more than a map?
089 Title: The Voices of Reason!
Level 3 group teams to provide feedback to other groups on task progress in media production. Scripted and delivered by students for students to support assessment (formative into summative). Peer support for distributed groups.
Some questions: Is this peer assessment model being used?
090 Title: Do As I Say!
Project feedback to work package teams made by the team's Project Manager as updates on deliverables at reporting milestones. The feedback is designed to underpin lessons learned from the report.
Some questions: What report? This sounds more like a work context. Can you explain what this project is and who the Project Manager is - are they the tutor? Why is the feedback given using audio? Is there a particular advantage in doing it this way?


155 Title: Brickcast or Cookcast

Audio visual guides to practical tasks made by tutors for F.E. students studying a vocational course such as construction or catering. It removes the need for students to repeatedly ask tutors how to do things.

Some questions:


156 Title: The Voice

A cultural podcast that includes a diverse range of voices from across the UK sharing perspectives on particular themes.

Some questions:


157 Title: Every Students Needs to Know...

A series of 100 podcast episodes made by tutors, support staff and students each proposing one thing that every student should know. Topics cover everything from information literacy skills to staying safe on a Friday night pub crawl. Each proposal takes the form a one minute proposal and discussion by two people.

Some questions:


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