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Ideas Group 4 (G-H)

Page history last edited by amiddlet50 11 years, 10 months ago
Please develop any of the ideas here either by changing them or adding to them. If the ideas leave you asking questions... ask them! Leave your name and contact information at the bottom of the page so you can be added as a contributor please.
031 Title: Field music
Recordings made during field trips capturing authentic voices and observations in the field.
Some questions: Can you suggest a specific subject, as an example, where this approach could be taken and identify who is making the recordings and how they are used?
032 Title: Extra bedtime
Use short RSS feed podcasts to prompt student activity before, during and after scheduled face to face sessions in a taught module. Replace some face to face time that is tutor-centred.
Some questions: The essential idea here is to use the media as brief interventions or illustrations to help students orientate themselves towards the face to face activity - is that right? I can't connect that to the title! is there another title you would propose?
033 Title: [no title yet]
Podcast of student group work on an assessment to be submitted by a fixed date and available to all groups on a fixed date. Student feedback on module experience limited to 60 seconds.
Some questions: I'm not sure exactly what this is proposing. Is the following about right? A 60 second module evaluation podcast made by student groups. The benefits are that groups need to discuss how they are going to use the 60 seconds and so the podcast method creates a collection of the most significant evaluation points.

Or, I'm guessing that each student groups makes a podcast presentation which is submitted for assessment. Later all the student podcasts are made available for the benefit of all. Is that what you were suggesting?

034 Title: Pod Share!
Molnet learning. Create a catalogue of resources so all students can have access to them.
Some questions: This idea has been simplified from a specific approach used by a college). The idea seems to suggest the development of a media learning object repository that one or more modules can draw upon. Such a collection on key skills, for example, could be widely useful.
035 Title: Catch Up
Missed presentations including lectures and introductions to courses. All posted to Moodle. Created by staff.
Some questions:  This idea seems to suggest the recording of lectures. The recording of lectures is a common starting point for many considering how podcasting can be used in education. The main draw back is that it is notoriously difficult to engage listeners beyond about 10 minutes, especially if they are likely to be distracted. Summaries of, or discussions about, longer events can be useful.
036 Title: Who do you think you are?
Course introductions made by teaching staff for students. They introduce themselves and what happens next using a headset and Audacity. Posted to the VLE and sent to student's mobile phones. Students are prepared for the start of the course and know who you are.
Some questions: Have you any experience with distributing such media to mobile phones? - I wonder what the technical issues are? How feasible is it? Have you any experience of what the students think? It would be good to hear more.
037 Title: Listen and coach or Coach Hear
Audio football coaching podcast made by Sports staff for student coaches. Recordings of step-by-step guides to training sessions. The recordings can be used outside onto pitches to support setting up of sessions. The idea can be further developed by students making recordings of the sessions they run.
Some questions: One benefit of this approach that is worth pointing out is that it may be easier to make an audio aid memoir than to make written notes in this situation. The same might apply to similar situations perhaps?

If audio was useful to the students this sounds like a great idea. As someone who knows little about the subject I would have thought video would be much better? But then you introduce production overheads and complications. So, it would be great to hear more about how audio can work in this situation.

038 Title: Keep on striking
Use video and audio to record how to strike the ball for a variety of sports. Students and coaches discuss how to improve techniques and make recordings as they put the ideas into practice. Store the before and after records to show improvement.
Some questions: Media capture is really useful for letting students chart their development. Keeping a reflective audio blog is another idea.

I wonder if you had any thoughts about who would make the recordings? When/why audio might work for some? Whether think approach could be used in subjects other than Sports? How long do they run? etc

039 Title: Formal Perspective
Use podcasting to present formal requirements of student behaviours through case studies of acceptable and unacceptable verbal behaviour.
Sounds a bit risky on the unacceptable side and potentially prissy on the acceptable side.
Some questions: I think that's your comment, rather than mine there. But it does hint at the challenge of getting this balance right. How big a problem is student behaviour and (why) do you think that the audio podcast approach has something going for it that other approaches are lacking? Who would make these? Perhaps disruptive students could make 'role play' podcasts about these matters? The audio would give them a veil of anonymity - maybe that would help?
040 Title: [no title yet]
Student questionnaires to be completed through podcasting within a wiki.
Some questions: Even though this description only contains 10 words I can tell there's a big idea here! Can you expand..?! It sound like students are asked to respond to a questionnaire by recording audio responses. What's the wiki connection to the idea? In what situation do you imagine audio is more useful that written surveys? It's making me think of situations where the students can't use their hands - some sports, or catering activities perhaps? What were you imagining when you wrote this? It would be good to develop this one.


137  Title: [no title yet]
A series of tiny language podcasts with scenarios for situations where immediate spoken reaction is needed using current phrases. These become very useful when repeated.
Some questions:
138 Title: [no title yet]
A language podcast that includes a native speaker bringing authenticity to the recording.
Some questions:
140 Title: (Cut it) (Wax it) (Paint it) Do It

Step by step guide to practical vocational tasks. Level 3 Students and staff record procedures for Level 1 and 2 students providing additional support and reassurance during practice leading to quicker achievements.

Some questions: I can't work out the meaning of the title. Is this describing the use of podcasting for a particular discipline?


141 Title: Welcome

Short induction to health and safety or building layout developed by staff and students as video and audio scenarios of bad practice together with assessment consultation or a guide to consultations (evaluation guide?) on processes designed for both students and clients.

Some questions: Who produces these? Once students have viewed or heard these are they registered as inducted or able to use equipment? Or are these in preparation for health and safety training?


142 Title: Tell Us

A work experience diary produced by students as reflective notes on tutor feedback, and evaluation of the experience.

Some questions: How and when are the recordings made? Presumably whilst on placement and using either a video camera or an MP3 recorder?


143 Title: Building Portfolios

A step-by-step serialised guide to constructing a portfolio.

Some questions: Who produces these? Is this mostly a technical serial or is it more focussed on the subject and the pedagogy? How are these delivered?



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