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Demo Podcasts

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Demo Podcasts - Spoken Word Services - Glasgow Caledonian University


Academic podcasts at Brunel - submitted by Chris Evans, Brunel University


The Student advisor service at St Mary's University College, submitted by Frank Quick :


Clips from a series called 'conversations in cognitive psychology' a project funded by Eduserve in 2007, submitted by Nigel Holt, Bath Spa University:__


Link to Podcasts at Warwick University, submitted by Robert O'Toole:



Link to 28 interviews of students (Advanced learners of English), on the Splendid Speaking site (courtesy of Peter Travis):



The next 2 links were provided by Carl Senior, Aston University:

http://lhslab246.aston.ac.uk/podcast/ - Where people can down load vod and podcasts of lectures as we all as the student lead podcast ezine

which is edited by one of our own students (and is very good).

http://podcast.aston.ac.uk/podcast/psychology/index.html - the conversations with scientists series which is where researchers can showcase

the stuff that they are working on:

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