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100 ideas for educational podcasting

Page history last edited by amiddlet50 11 years, 9 months ago

Your 100 Ideas - Review and Develop
On the following pages you will find ideas for how educational podcasting can be applied. These ideas were generated very quickly in a one hour session in the SIG meeting at Warrington by about 60 people.
Some of the ideas are descriptions of real applications, though most were ideas that came from a series of creativity exercises in the session. In some cases the titles were important in helping to inspire the ideas.
The ideas now need to be developed further. The names of the original authors have been removed for the moment, but originators will be acknowledged later.
What you can do now
We need everyone involved in the SIG to visit as many of the ideas as possible to help further develop them. They have been randomly grouped into manageable bunches so that anyone with a spare 20 minutes can go into any group and place comments by that set. If everyone accesses groups randomly I hope we will get an even spread of reviews.
How to review
Pick one of the groups at random (I have labelled the groups alphabetically, so you could start with the group labelled according to the first letter of your last name). Read through each of the ideas in that group. Respond by:

  • Asking questions in a comment under any idea
  • Answering questions in a comment under any idea you read
  • Leaving your own comments under any idea
  • Developing the idea if you can improve it in any way by copying the original and pasting your new version as a comment.
    If you have your own ideas to share you can submit new ideas by:
  • Going into the "New idea" folder
  • Type your new idea according to the proposed structure using the next number in the sequence. Email me (a.j.middleton 'at' shu.ac.uk) if you would like to be acknowledged for the new submitted idea should it be published. If you can contribute an in depth case study about the suggested approach, or any other approach, please let me know.
    I hope you find some interesting ideas and discussion here.

Thank you for contributing. Please add your name to the list of contributors if it is not already there. 100 Ideas for Educational Podcasting


(All above are being added by 15 Nov).

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