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)Ideas Group (S-T)

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 6 months ago

Please develop any of the ideas here either by changing them or adding to them. If the ideas leave you asking questions... ask them! Leave your name and contact information at the bottom of the page so you can be added as a contributor please.
091 Title: Effective Affects
Level 2/3 students produce podcasts or vodcasts for Level 1 students to share reflections to support transition, placements or performance linked to programmes of study. The mentor support is intended to reduce stress and anxiety.
Some questions: see 073
092 Title: Drip Feed
Scenario development for real-time delivery of content e.g. Politics (Cuban Missile Crisis). Reports from the Whitehouse. Delivered by tutors for student groups who are taking sides in role play.
Some questions: This looks like a great idea - basically updating a protracted role play with the release of news reports using digital audio and possibly video. Potentially this form of media intervention could preclude any other form of tutor intervention in the role play.
093 Title: What I Know
Students produce audio revision notes on different topics for other students. Topics are drawn out of a hat prior to exam season. Each student produces a revision aid on one topic, but receives podcasts on all topics.
Some questions:
094 Title: Cornflakes
The tutor produces a short commentary on a theoretical topic connecting it to a real world event or news item.
Some questions:
095 Title: Graduated Scenarios
Issues of censorship - record four fragments of audio taken from film and/or TV texts. The task is to get students to match each scenario with appropriate classification. This is supported by a discussion forum to discuss learner outcomes.
Some questions: I suppose a similar approach of evaluating content and assigning it a classification could be applied to various disciplines? Discussions around lesson plans springs to mind - "what level are these students working at?" or perhaps in health the description of scenarios that need to be assessed in terms of prioritisation or the level of response to a situation. 'Graduated scenarios' could then be described as the presentation of information requiring evaluation by the listener in determining appropriate the most appropriate response, e.g.....
096 Title: Who Am I?
Students introduce themselves to each other during induction. They state why they chose the course, who they are, what they are interested in, what they expect to get out of the course, etc. These can be kept on the VLE and students can revisit them as they get to know their peers. They can also be used at the end of the course.
Some questions: How do you imagine them being used at the end of the course? Is taking part in such an activity daunting for new students? if so, how can this be overcome? We used a similar approach on a Distant Learning course at Sheffield Hallam using MyChingo - only a couple of the students made recordings.
097 Title: Recap
A student is chosen at the end of each session to make a podcast of the main points of the lesson. This is played at the start of the next session as a recap. All of these build up week by week to form a full podcast glossary or course overview and can be downloaded to support revision.
Some questions: Are the summary recordings made in class by the student? How can students be supported in doing a good job, i.e. knowing what depth to go into, speaking well, etc? If two students did each summary together it might make it richer and easier to do.

This seems similar to the "POL-casting" project at University of Leeds (https://elgg.leeds.ac.uk/obama/weblog/) where students were supported to record their reflections on weekly lectures / semniar groups. Recordings were hosted on a blog, could be commmented upon and subscribed to.

098 Title: Listen Up
Using audio to give assessment feedback to students.
Some questions: There are several suggestions for audio feedback on assessment.
099 Title: no title yet
Records made immediately after events for reflective journal for professional development.
Some questions: This sounds like personal reflective notes. Are the professionals in this example academics or are you thinking of professional students?
100 Title: Stratosphere
Podcast to explain the learning and teaching strategy and invite lecturers to record their responses.
Some questions: By 'podcast' you mean a recording presumably?This is less of an educational podcast and more of a professional use for audio.
158 Title: Student's Virtual Art Gallery podcast

Works of art are discussed by students touring a gallery to create a virtual catalogue for an exhibition.

Some questions: I suppose the same approach could be used in museums or for other collections of artefacts?

159 Title: Music student's podcast

Discussing development of finished work – with examples.

Some questions: Is this discussion around their work involving the student composer and tutor? Who listens to this - just the student?


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